Meet The Team

Dr. Chase Mc William

Dr Chase Mc William graduated in 2013 from the University of Johannesburg, Cum Laude and currently works at Chiropractic Solutions.

Dr Chase enjoys treating the entire family, but has a keen interest in the sports side of chiropractic and has obtained his ICCSP, an Internationally Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner qualification.

Being a family chiropractor poses some interesting challenges on a daily basis from the pregnant mother to be, the newly born baby, young child, teenager, adults of any age or the regular patients who form part of the woodwork. Each case is unique and individualised. Yes, chiropractic is safe for all ages.

Dr Chase has a keen interest in conservative treatment of spinal conditions and trying to help patients get the most from anything they do on a daily basis. Remember chiropractors don’t only focus on the spine we can treat extremities and muscular/ligamentous conditions too.

The order of the day when visiting Dr Chase is the adjustment, as it is our bread and butter tool of choice as what makes us what we are, CHIROPRACTOR’S. Dr Chase has a keen interest in how posture affects everyone, so postural education is a vital part of the consult. Dry needling is the best option to get rid of those hard to reach knots that just don’t give up. Spinal traction also forms a large part of Dr Chase’s choice of treatment. It is necessary to offload spinal joints and plays a huge role in the maintenance of spinal health.