Frequently Asked Questions About Chiropractic

A chiropractor is trained to restore the functionality into your spine and other extremity joints in a conservative manner. We look at the whole person and try to adapt the body to deal with the challenges at hand whether it’s physical, mental or chemical in nature.

Yes, chiropractic is safe despite what you watch of T.V., hear in the news or come across when browsing the internet. There is plenty of research out there to show that chiropractic is more than safe. Every profession has conditions that the doctor needs to be aware of, but that is why we have an initial consultation to see if you fit the profile of a chiropractic patient. If you are concerned please chat to the doctor.

Chiropractor’s treat what is known as a subluxation, simply known as “a bone out of place.” The motion of the joint is usually abnormal or “stuck”. The area is usually tender to touch too.

The big difference between what chiropractor’s and medical doctors treat is basically put as disease (pathology) and dis-ease (the bodies lack of ability to deal with the given environment or stress).

The bodies reaction to prolonged stress however will show the same pattern of dis-ease and we find similar reactions on a physical, emotional and psychological level also known as the 3T’s-Trauma/Physcial injury, Toxicity/Chemicals, Thoughts/Emotions.

Stress becomes a problem when we can’t cope with the specific stimulus which in turn leads to altered structure and function.

A chiropractor’s choice of treatment is called an adjustment. A pop or click is generally heard when an adjustment is given. This noise is a release of a gas bubble within the joint and this signifies that a pressure change has occurred within the joint and a sudden increase in joint seperation has transpired .The noise doesn’t mean something has broken and shouldn’t raise concern. It isn’t the same as when a person pops their own back.

No, if they did then no one would try to feel or force the pop that so many patients associate with an adjustment. The pop is not magic so don’t associate it with pain relief or a successful adjustment. Anyone can pop their own knuckles. Chiropractic adjustments have an art, science and philosophy behind them that took 6 years of hard studying to obtain an understanding of. Sometimes underlying inflammation can create discomfort but it is momentary.

To keep it simple, ANYBODY. We just have to make sure there are no underlying serious pathologies or conditions that may prevent us from showing you what chiropractic can offer!

Yes chiropractic is 100% safe for pregnant mothers to be, from day 1 right up to the day of delivery. Believe it or not, chiropractic is also safe for babies from the day of birth. The techniques used for these populations are different to the usual ruk en pluk style so many people associate with a chiropractor.

A Chiropractor is a trained professional, so the visit will comprise a consultation, diagnostic procedure/s and treatment. The difference to the usual GP visit is the treatment, where the chiropractors treatment will involve adjustments and if necessary muscle/soft tissue work or postural education, whereas the medical profession prescribes drugs.

A hands-on procedure that utilises controlled force, leverage, direction, amplitude and velocity, which is directed at specific joints (mostly vertebrae) but also includes extremity joints. Adjustments are commonly associated with an audible cavitation or articular crack that is due to a sudden increase in joint separation that produces a gas bubble in the joint space which creates the noise.